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Tips on Creating a Super Bowl XLVI Party- February 5, 2012

Posted by Tina on January 18, 2012 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)

You walk into the store (Target, Walmart, etc) and you see footballs all over the place. You think to yourself, hey isn't super bowl coming up? You send a text some close friends asking what they are doing for Super Bowl Sunday--while you shop for some other things. You start to get texted back and everyone is like, "not sure yet, why". You reply, I was thinking of putting together something...(And then you begin planning).

Now you start thinking, what do I do. Here are some tips on inexpensive sure fire fast ways to get a party together.

1st. Send out invitations, evites, text messages, or create a FB invitation. Even make some phone calls to get a faster more accurate response of who will attend. Some people, even yourself may not be sure of the date and want to make sure that everyone at least is on the same page as to what time you would like for them to arrive.Also if you want people to bring something this would be a good time to let them know.

2. Food- remember it is a football game. Think light foods. Everyone wants something they can munch on throughout the game and some hand foods that can be eaten during the (I don't want to miss the commercial breaks). Consider Pizza, subs, hotdogs, hamburgers or some take out chinese food (lo mein and fried chicken). Don't forget to have plenty of chips, dip and sweets. All the yelling and jumping up and down uses a lot of energy. Make sure you have plenty of fluids everyone will be thirsty.

3. Decorations (My specialty) - Get your guest into the game spirit and make your party not only look better but feel better then all the rest. Balloons and streamers they are simple, easy and inexpensive.

Tableware-make sure to get some plates and napkins with Super Bowl Para on it. Oh yeah, and make sure to use some nice plastic table clothes in the color of your chosen team. This makes for easy clean up at the end of the night. Wrap it all up and put it in the garbage (except for the bottles of course--recylce).

4. Fun- Hand our football themed novalties. Clappers, whistles, inflatable foot balls. It allows everyone to see who can make the most noise when their team is winning. Besides, each guest now gets to go home with an adult party favor.

5. Seating- Make sure to have seating or at least warn your guest what the seating arrangements will be on the invitation so they can choose to bring their own chair, pillow, or stool if you don't already have enough for the number of guest you plan to have. If your party is anything like mine use to be sitting is not an option...Anything is better then sitting on those cold bleachers and paying loads of money for travel, rentals, hotels, tickets, and parking.

6. Clean up- Don't just throw everything away. Get a tote from Home Depot that fits under your bed and save any favors that can be used for next year. Helps to save you money and time with shopping. Besides now this has just become a ritual and next year you wont go into the store thinking--oh yeah The Super Bowl is coming. lol.

With a little bit of planning and imagination you can pull this event off with out a hitch. I hope my tips helped to get you geared up and ready for the big game. I know I will be. Thanks for reading.

Compliments of 646-522-9869

Flowers and Their Emotional Meanings

Posted by Tina on August 30, 2011 at 4:54 PM Comments comments (5)

Have you ever wondered what is it about a flower that makes you pick it? One would never actually think that there is TRUE meaning behind the unique petal shapes and beautiful colors … but there is! In fact, these beautiful blossoms have become quite the essential part of a wedding or special occasion – and the reason why our events turn out so stunning.

Even florists have a very discreet way of knowing just what flowers to put in your arrangement by asking one simple question — “whats the occasion?”And based on this answer alone, they can conjur up an arrangement that is guaranteed to add more meaning to your day.

I have listed some of the common flowers that florists use when putting together an arrangement based on the occasion. So the next time you ask for flowers, you can pick those that symbolize what you want your event/occasion to showcase.

Anemone – expectation
Baby’s Breath – innocence
Calla Lily – magnificent beauty
Carnation – (pink) boldness, (red) love, (white) talent
Chrysanthemum – cheerfulness and truth
Daffodil – unrequited love
Daisy – loyal love
Forget-Me-Not – true love and hope
Gerbera Daisy – secret love
Hyacinth – (white) happiness (red/pink) playfulness
Lavender – devotion
Lilac – confidence
Rose – love, joy, beauty
Sunflower – adoration and devotion
Tulip – declaration of love
Violets – faithfulness

Information provided by-- The Event Planning Queen

Garter: To Toss or Not to Toss That is the ?

Posted by Tina on July 30, 2011 at 4:49 PM Comments comments (2)

The garter toss became common at weddings back in the 1500s. It was originally related to the concept of consummation of the marriage. The bridesmaids and groomsman would sneak up to the bride and groom’s bedroom for proof that the deed was accomplished, so to speak. Then they would take an item of the bride’s clothing for good luck. This was often the garter used to hold up the bride’s stockings.

However, those days have since changed. Brides who want to get involved in the history and traditions of their wedding day will see the garter as an important accessory on their day. The garter makes brides feel sexy and is the “finale” to the underwear attire and one of the first things your new hubby will remove.

Not every bride is interested in “tossing her garter”. It is optional. And for those who are, you should wear two garters – one semi-plain one (which the groom will toss), and one the symbolizes a more “sexier” side of you (which your hubby will remove later). This one will be kept with the rest of your sentimental items that you store away.

Just a few tips and tricks for garter wearing:

1. The garter is worn on the right leg. If you are doing the garter toss, it’s best to wear both garters on the same leg. The one to be thrown goes on last and is therefore the first to be removed.

2. Just because you have decided to wear a garter doesn’t mean you have to toss it. :)

3. If you are wearing a slinky fitted gown, your garter will need to be narrower and less full so it doesn’t show through the fabric.

4. The “garter toss” is usually done at the end of the reception with the throwing of the bouquet.

Remember: it’s important to make your wedding day be a reflection of who YOU are. Be creative!

For more tips to help you plan your perfect day, please visit to sign up for my online newsletter!

Information gathered from --The Event Planning Queen