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PAY HERE for Holiday Extravaganza - DEC. 7, 2013


Welcome to the ARTsEXPLOSION Holiday Extravaganza and Tree Lighting event sponsored by Arts East New York, Umoja Events, and BMS.   We are looking for 20 wonderful vendors to join our event and serve over 100 people an hour (600 people +) at our 4th Annual Holiday Extravaganza. We are looking for vendors who have something to sell to adults, adults with children and we are also looking for vendors who have something to sell for children-- remember this is the holiday's and people are looking for things to put under there Christmas Tree. If you are interested we are only accepting one vendor per area and would love to have you join our team. The total cost for the event will be $50 for a table. That will include a table, a chair and your name or logo on the banner at the entrance of the space for publicity. In addition, your business will get reposted on all of the sponsoring vendors websites once a week leading up until the event -- that's at least 5,000 people seeing your business and contact information. Once your business is approved we will send you a paypal link for online payment. We thank you for your patience and your time.

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