Angus Fischer

Angus Fischer.jpg

Angus Fischer works for Umoja Events, owned by Athenia Rodney, his sister. Her team can count on him to complete deliveries/pickup, to troubleshoot tasks, organize the storage area at HQ, and create designs with ease after accessing everything and gathering details. Angus loves to introduce himself as “Angus, just like the burger”. Great way to remember his name right? You will also observe that he is a people person you can learn a lot from whenever he shares his wealth of knowledge about a variety of topics like: working with balloons, history, entrepreneurship, little known facts of parts of New York City, and so on. If one had to pick middle names for Angus it would be “Resourceful Dedicated Visionary” because this is how is for Umoja Events or his business New Young Creation Entertainment or when supporting community projects and meetings. He is also a family man working on creating generational wealth and teaching his children skills like cooking, sewing, and stilt walking. Angus is well-rounded and very skilled. Pick his brain some time, you will not be disappointed.