Balloon Business

UMOJA Events balloon services has been providing balloon decorations for over 10 years with an array of unique designs. We can create unique items with various types of balloons to match the decor of your event. We also prioritize the vision of our customers and make it come to life with the help of our artistic and creative balloon ambassadors.

We also cater corporate events. We add a little color in any next social gathering or add a unique touch on any special day, be it a wedding, anniversary party or meaningful event.

Your focus on your special day should be free from the hassle of worrying about the decoration. This is where Umoja Events Balloon Services comes in. What better way is there than to leave the extra touches of added balloon art to us? The only thing that should be on your mind is how impressed your guests will be by the additional displays. Umoja Events Balloon Services will work closely with you to bring your precise specifications to fruition and we can work within your budget to remove any additional stress.

Umoja Events balloon business is all about whimsical balloon decorations for all kinds of events. We do events outside of Brooklyn that are just our home base, and we are passionate about bringing you that Brooklyn Flare!

We create Arches, Columns, centerpieces, organic columns- walls - clusters, and many more!

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