Balloons and Tings Events, LLC

Balloons and Tings Events, LLC is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Sharon Maxwell, whose backgrounds are in plumbing and management. Before owning this business Ted was in plumbing and brings his skills and knowledge of working with pipes, rods and other hardware into the event planning and decorating business. Sharon’s background was in office management and that helps with running the business as well.

Founded in 1994 as a party and balloon retail business, that lasted just about 4 short years before we realized we needed to do something more to stay afloat. So we then incorporated Balloon décor and after a few years we completely transitioned into just being a decorating business. Upon doing research we found out we could take courses and classes and be certified, so we were both certified as balloon artists in 1998. We continued to learn and grow in the balloon business. But as business again started changing and the demand for event planners became more of a demand Sharon went on to be certified as an event planner. And because of Ted’s background in plumbing we are able to build frames our of PVC or metal rods, making it easier to pivot and come up with frames to build balloon scriptures and frames for draping on a whim.

Covid19 of course hit everyone by surprise and it took being able to pivot and be creative to stay in business, but here we are still in business and working our way through the pandemic.