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What makes a DJ? Is it crowd control, the passion and love of all music, or is it a strong voice and microphone presence? Well those are key points but to be a good DJ you must poses these qualities plus much more. Few have the total package and it takes more than just pushing play to be a good DJ. A DJ has to feel the music and make the crowd have the same feeling while they enjoy themeselves on the dance floor.
For over 10 years DJ BASIQ has proven that he has the Midas touch of turning everything into gold. Whether it is a high school prom, wedding, baby shower, birthday party, block party, not-for-profit event, college campus or a New York nightclub he has proven time and time again that he is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with which makes him a valuable element to any event. If you are looking for Hip Hop, Reggae, House, Dance, R&B, Soca, Salsa, Pop, Zuumba, Latin or Jazz, DJ BASIQ has the music selection and the perfect blends to keep the party going.



Terry & Rasheen Washington Astoria Manor 

Renee & Will  Antuns Catering Hall 

Josephine & Christopher Astra 

Nakia & Marcus  Giando On the Water 

Cynthia & Anthony  Prospect Hall 

Jirrel & Jermaine  Dominican Republic 

Lisa & John  Donte’s Catering Hall 

Madeline & Walter  Lorraine’s Place 


Small Functions and Private Events


 NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Holiday Party

 LSGS Architects Holiday Party - NY, NY

 Home Depot Holiday Party - Queens, NY

 Home Depot Holiday Party - Brooklyn, NY

 Cypress Hills Local Development Corp. Health Fair – Brooklyn, NY

 Cypress Hills, CHECC Program, Franklin K. Lane H.S. – SUNY New Paltz Block Party, New Paltz , NY

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Team in Training Kick off - NY, NY

The East New York President Elect Obama Celebration, Brooklyn, NY

Valentine’s Day Party – Brooklyn, NY

Masonic Lodge Valentine’s Day Party - Brooklyn, NY

Scholarship Fund Dinner – Brooklyn, NY

 Middle School Graduation Party – Brooklyn, NY

East New York Restoration - Brooklyn, NY

Partnership with Children- Brooklyn, NY

Bright Point Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn Sites

Club & Huge Event Functions

American Park Café - NY,NY

Bar 169 - NY,NY


Nations - NY,NY

Halo - NY,NY

Remote Lounge - NY,NY

Brooklyn Café - NY,NY

Hart Street Café - NY,NY

Ovations - NY,NY

 Zoë Restaurant - NY,NY

 Rockwell’s - NY,NY

Water Street Club and Bar NY,NY

 St. Joseph’s Prom - NY,NY

St. John the Baptist Prom - NY,NY

Boys and Girls High School Prom – NY,NY

Middlebury College- Middlebury, VT

Smith College - Northampton ,Mass

New York City Museum school Prom

Vilma’s Lounge –NY, NY

Negril Village, Rhum Lounge – NY,NY Every Thursday


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