Petra Johnson


Petra Johnson has been a part-time Event Planner and Balloon Designer for Umoja Events since 2015. She is skilled in creating professional balloon designs, organizing, paying attention to details, being supportive, and providing great customer service. One of her top philosophies is: “When others succeed, we all succeed”. She believes we should always teach others what we know so they can benefit from our wealth of experience. Petra received a Certificate of Appreciation on June 17, 2017: “For outstanding dedication and loyalty to Umoja Events, imparting knowledge and guidance to fellow members.” She is preparing to expand her knowledge of ballooning to provide more options for customers. She is also a full-time Project Manager and part-time Proofreader/Researcher currently pursuing full-time entrepreneurship and financial success. Petra is grateful for all her experiences and looks forward to using what she learned in the next chapters of her life.