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That is the word that I would use to sum up 2020. Everything that I expected and hoped I would accomplish for the year of 2020 vision was turned upside down in a blink of an eye. As March approached and COVID-19 became a very real thing in NYC and the rest of the United States. I like I am sure many of you became anxious about the uncertainty that lurked around and stayed glued to the TV and/or daily live press releases for updates on how things would transpire. While business for me slowed to an absolute zero, then my family contracted the Coronavirus, then  my husband had a stroke and so life changed for me and I had to find ways to change my thriving Event Planning business that had just gone belly up into something that could serve my clients in this social distancing climate.


So you may ask how did we pivot during this time? We started by offering dj services to Umoja orchestrated virtual proms. We then went through the summer during the zoom craze offering zoom management for Gala’s, panel discussions, presentations and large speaking engagements and occasionally a live zoom party with a DJ and  30-100 guests playing fun games like Feud and Fortune. 


As school began and my children started homeschooling again I started joining up with other Black mompreneurs  to discuss our challenges. During our meet-ups we discovered that we were all challenged with the loss of staff, little finances and now limited day hours to work on our businesses. While my children were in school, I decided to take some classes to improve my offerings for my business. I did a lot of research and partnered with 3 other ladies and we have now formed a collaborative entity that brings all of our talents and resources together to improve the lives of those who feel stuck during COVID-19 and need an at home Spa or “pick-me-up” to kick them back into gear. Our newly formed business is  called “Lotus Goddesses.”

Home School
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Lotus Goddesses comprises four businesses that include: Umoja Events a full wrap around Event Planning company, Cocopauline a home care based product line, Naturally JahJah a male and female body products line and Kay and K Party planners who offers event printing and design. Together we are producing virtual corporate events and supplying health and wellness boxes to the staff that are organic and safe for the entire family.